About us


Being inclusive – Sustainability – Not judging – giving opportunities –

How we work

We give the opportunity to different illustrator to work with us developing colouring posters in their own style. We encourage the artists to add inclusive elements in their design, from a child in a wheelchair to different cultures and types of families.

We aim for products of quality that respect the environment and the humans who are working with us

What we do

We porduce high quality ecologically and socially responsible colouring posters with tallented illustrators from different parts of the globe.

A portion of the earnigns of each poster is given to different causes agreed together with the artists.

  • Elina CEO

    Elina has a great eye to select illustrators and accompany them in creating their art pieces. She is the mind behind the vision.

  • Charles COO

    Charles is managing the production and shipping, ensuring products are made with KANO editions high ecological and social standards. He is KANO problemsolver.

Our support

Notre entreprise est une entreprise familiale qui est supportée par l'agence d'investissement et de développement de Lettonie (LIAA).

Un contrat de coopération a été signé entre Ltd "Kano Editions" et l'agnede d'investissement et de dévelopment de Lettonie (LIAA) (date: 24.08.2022., contrat No.
SKV-L-2022/369 ) en relation à l'outil de soutien financier "Promoting International Competitiveness" co-financé par le fond Européen pour le Dévelopement régional.

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