The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Kids' RC Cars: Our Family's Story

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Kids' RC Cars: Our Family's Story

Hello fellow parents and toy enthusiasts!

At our home, we've become somewhat experts in the lifespan of kids' toys. It's like a natural selection process - the weak (read: poorly made toys) inevitably find their way to the trash bin, while the strong (the ones we pick) thrive and survive. As parents and designers, we're picky about quality. Think of our Montessori pencil holder  crafted from sturdy ash hardwood, while others use the softer pine – it’s a small example of our commitment to durability.

Our kids have become mini fixers, thanks to our “repair, don't replace” mentality. Just last week, our 7-year-old daughter bravely dismantled her little brother's mechanical car for a repair job, even adding her personal touch to it. DIY runs in the family, it seems!

But let’s talk about the recent birthday gift for our 3-year-old son: a plastic remote-controlled car from his godfather. The car turned out to be a battery-guzzling monster, too fast for indoor use, and it developed corrosion within a month. The build quality? Let’s just say it was more hit-and-miss than hit.

This got me thinking back to my days in an RC club, racing cars indoors. I knew what a good RC car should be. So, my wife and I decided it was time for an upgrade. Our budget? The cost of the gifted car plus double the price for two sets of batteries – around 50€.

Our wishlist for the perfect RC car was pretty straightforward:

  • Rechargeable li-ion or ni-cad batteries (no lipo batteries – safety first!),
  • Indoor-friendly speed, while outdoor friendly,
  • Kid-sized remote control,
  • Apartment-sized dimensions,
  • Extra play functions (like a truck bed) are a plus,
  • Availability of spare parts,
  • Ready to run (RTR) right out of the box.

Our quest led us to WPL , a brand known for its RTR remote control cars that work out of the box. They make toys with a hobby-grade approach, easily repairable and upgradable.

We chose two models:



For our truck-loving youngster:
The D12 mini kei truck . Compact and winter-friendly, it has a 20-minute battery life and can haul toys in its truck bed. It's USB-chargeable (powerbank to the rescue!) and easy to repair with parts from their official store or AliExpress if ever needed.
On aliexpress . A bit cheaper on aliexpress, but you need to add shipping and custom clearance also beware of bad quality copies.



For our 7-year-old’s 8th birthday:
The WPL C24-1 crawler. A slow and sturdy 4x4, it's perfect for indoor and outdoor play. It's easily repairable and ripe for upgrades, making it a great tool for dad-daughter bonding and learning about simple mechanics.
On aliexpress . A bit cheaper on aliexpress, but you need to add shipping and custom clearance (which can be a pain in some countries)

Both models are small enough to take with us when traveling or to the playground, fitting easily in a bag. 

Buying these wasn’t just a purchase; it was an investment in quality family time and a gateway to teaching our kids about mechanics. We’re already planning a custom paint job for the Crawler, turning it into a fun, personalized project with our creative daughter.

So, there you have it – our journey in finding the right RC cars for our kids. If you’re looking to make a similar choice, feel free to use our referral links; it helps us at KANO editions continue our work.

Happy parenting!

Disclaimer: This post isn't sponsored. We're just sharing our love for quality toys. Using a referral links supports our mission at KANO editions.

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