Why we started KANO ?

As designers, mostly active in service and product design, we have always used our skills to further our clients goals while helping them to move towards more sustainability (social & environmental) for us it is about value and impact before money. This doesn't mean we should not earn from it either.

We created KANO so to support different illustrators from Ukraine, Latvia and elsewhere for whom Covid + war had dire consequences. 

Expanding the product range, we worked with support center for people with disabilities in producing a pencil holder to high quality standard, thus offering them more earning opportunities to further their mission.

Why work with us

It is an opportunity to showcase your values and what you believe in to your followers. Sharing your values and a project that shares the same values.

Social sustainability

– Kano gives back 10% to different charities chosen by illustrators
– Kano gives even more to individuals (like one of our disable person packing the posters who badly needs dental care)
– Working with center for disable people
– Working with different illustrators 

Environmental sustainability

– 100% biodegradable packaging + products (glues, stickers, lamination, packing boxes, packing tape, wood treatment, point of sale display …)
– CO2 compensation of all shipments


– Inclusive work environment, LGBTQ+ friendly, handicap friendly
– Child friendly workplace
– Salary transparency for all employees
– Bonus decided by the staff


– woman owned business

The future

Who we are does profoundly impact how we do things, our main motivation is to have a positive impact on people around us, either a parent receiving a high quality product made responsibly, a social center who is able to provide opportunities to its residents or an association in Ukraine. Let's leave this place in a better state than it was when we arrived. 

We do not know exactly how this project will grow, but with your help and support we hope that not only we can both benefit from it but also have more and more impact around us.  


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