Collection: Montessori

Montessori materials

Discover KANO Editions' unique range of Montessori educational materials, thoughtfully designed to foster creativity and learning in young children, following Maria Montessori principles.

Our different montessori learning tools follow the child development principles. 
Made from high quality solid ash hard wood, they are produced by skilled young individuals with mental disabilities, we produce products with social impact in mind. Any purchase will not only help your children develop their skills, but also support people in need, while being sustainable 

Alongside, our diverse collection of Montessori flashcards, featuring an array of fruits, vegetables, animals, and their offspring, are perfect tools for sensory education, language development, and practical life skills, ideal for all parents and educators in the Montessori community, from kindergarten to homeschool and elementary school. We know that some artists also use our pencil holders in their workshops.